When is the best time to use ice packs?

When is the best time to use ice packs?

Mend Chiropractic now stocks Flex-Ice heat/ice packs. These can be used as either ice packs or heat packs. But when is the best time to use ice packs?

Think of ice as a natural anti-inflammatory. Ice constricts blood vessels to reduce circulation to an area, reducing pain and swelling. It’s best to use an ice pack following a new injury or aggravation of a existing condition, where you want to minimise swelling to keep you mobile later.

When using ice you should wrap the ice pack in a moist tea towel and keep the ice on for no longer than 15-20 minutes at a time. Check the skin regularly for ice burns or irritation – if the skin goes excessively pink or red, take the ice off immediately. Leaving ice packs on for too long can cause muscles to tighten and can damage the skin. A common recommendation for using ice packs is 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off, and repeat 3 times a day. If in doubt, contact your chiropractor for advice.

Flex-Ice heat/ice packs are available from Mend Chiropractic for $10.

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