Top tips to keep your spine travelling well

Top tips to keep your spine travelling well

A travel pillow can help make your trip more comfortable, but what else can you do to make your trip easier on your body?

Pack smart – A neck pillow, a tube of Fisiocrem and a spiky massage ball can be great on the plane and won’t take up much room in your bag.

Move often – Everyone knows you should get up and stretch on planes, so make sure you do it.  Use the space in the aisles or near the bathrooms to do some basic exercises to get your body moving.  Titling and twisting side to side, bending forward and arching backwards, and squatting down can be great to hydrate your discs and stop your muscles tightening.

Lift carefully – Lifting injuries often happen when you’re rushing and not thinking about what you’re doing.  So take care at crowded baggage carousels, and take your time putting luggage in overhead compartments.

Sit well – Rather than sitting at the edge of your seat, aim to sit as far back as you can so that your spine will be more supported.

Be organised –  Want to come in for an adjustment as soon as you’re home? You can book in online from anywhere in the world.

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