Five of the healthiest websites

Five of the healthiest websites

We often hear about the negative effects of technology on our health, but technology can have plenty of positive effects too: good health has never been so accessible. There is plenty of information available on our website. We’ve also compiled a list of our top five sites.

Yogaglo ( If you’re the kind of person who likes to do yoga at home, then chances are you’ll love Yogaglo. Over a thousand yoga and meditation classes are on offer from great teachers like Elena Brower and Steven Espinosa. You can filter classes according to the amount of time you have, the difficulty level or the type of yoga, or based on any specific focus you’d like for that practice (for example, hip openers or your immune system, insomnia, pregnancy and more). There’s also a Beginner Centre for those new to yoga. A free 15-day trial is available, and monthly subscriptions cost less than $20.

Pilates Anytime ( With a similar format to Yogaglo, Pilates Anytime provides access to hundreds of Pilates classes at home for a cheap monthly subscription (including a free 15-day trial). You can take classes with or without apparatus or props, and vary the focus, intensity or duration of your class as required. There is also the option to try different methods or focus on specific areas such as posture or abs, or even specialty areas like Pilates for osteoporosis.

Sit Right ( If you spend much time at a desk, it’s worth checking out this micro site from the Chiropractors Association of Australia. It’s full of information and tips on how to sit properly, and has a great free widget that reminds you to take regular breaks from your desk.

Mark’s Daily Apple ( This is a regularly updated site with loads of information on nutrition, fitness and health from the perspective of Mark Sisson, who focuses on the benefits of adopting a ‘paleo’ approach to modern life.

Well Adjusted ( A great site promoting holistic family health. Among the products available, you can find Dr Jens’s new parenting bible “Well Adjusted Babies”, along with “Lunchbox Solutions”, an interactive multi-touch downloadable cookbook written by Dr Jen, Therese Kerr (mother of model Miranda Kerr) and Chef Kate McAloon.

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