Avoiding text neck

Avoiding text neck

Text neck is the term used to describe postural and other symptoms related to looking down at your smart phone or other device too often and for too long. It’s often related to neck or upper back pain and tightness, or headaches.

So what can you do to avoid text neck?

– Be aware of your posture: Your mum is right, you are slouching and you should sit up straight.

– Avoid using your phone for long periods: Use your desktop computer or laptop (set up ergonomically, of course) when you know you’ll need to be connected for a long period.

– Hold your phone up high: Don’t let your head drop down to the height of your phone; lift your phone up as close to eye level as you comfortably can.

– Have regular breaks: Use apps like ‘Stand Up! The Work Break Timer’ to stop you staying in the one position for too long at a time.

– Look after your spine when you’re not on your phone: Try regular stretching, exercises or adjustments, and manage your stress levels to keep your spine in the best shape you can.

Think you may have text neck and want to get checked? Book in now.

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