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Chiropractic Posture

Posture tips for Autumn

1) Hold your smart phone or tablet at eye level or as close to eye level as you can. Looking down at your device for long periods may cause postural problems and neck pain.

2) Raise your screen where possible. Continually looking down at laptops will train your spine to slump forward. If using a laptop at home or in the office, use a riser or a stand to lift the top of the screen to eye level, and then use a separate keyboard and mouse that you can keep closer to your body.
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Recipe: Acai smoothie bowl

Acai smoothie bowls are a great option for a quick healthy breakfast or snack. They’re full of superfoods like acai, chia and blueberries, and only take a few minutes to whip up.

Teresa Cutter has a great recipe on her site The Healthy Chef that you can use as inspiration for creating your own. To keep it simple you can easily omit the goji berries and protein powder, or pour the mix into a glass and enjoy as a smoothie.


How tight is ‘normal’?

Patients often mention that they live with a tight neck and shoulders. But is there a normal amount of tightness?

Here’s a quick way to test your own movement to see how ‘normal’ you really are. Ask a friend or family member to help, or take a video on your phone to look at the quality and quantity of your movement. Is your movement jerky or smooth? Are there any clicks or grinding? Is the movement even on each side? Are you moving as far as you should be?
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