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Beware the chair! Preventative advice for office workers

As a chiropractor working in close proximity to the CBD, office-related injuries and strain are one of the most common things I see. Our bodies aren’t designed to be sitting still for long periods. Sitting in relatively fixed postures can eventually lead to back or neck dysfunction, which often shows up as neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, headaches or postural problems.
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We’ve moved up the road!

The new office is up and running! It was a great first week so a big thanks to everyone for your support so far.

You can now find us at:

The Valhalla
Suite 105, Ground Floor,
166 Glebe Point Rd
Glebe NSW 2037
Phone: (02) 9518 5279

Chiropractic Posture

Posture tips for Autumn

1) Hold your smart phone or tablet at eye level or as close to eye level as you can. Looking down at your device for long periods may cause postural problems and neck pain.

2) Raise your screen where possible. Continually looking down at laptops will train your spine to slump forward. If using a laptop at home or in the office, use a riser or a stand to lift the top of the screen to eye level, and then use a separate keyboard and mouse that you can keep closer to your body.
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